Talkin’ Bout Hey, Now!

Nickelodeon’s new spots introduce a “Nick Nation” to the strains of Cajun folk song “Aiko Aiko.”
Ads from Kidvertisers in New York show images of kids playing plus similar footage from the station’s shows. Children sing the song with new lyrics, such as “I can be the kid I want to be–I’m my own creation. I believe in Nick; Nick believes in me–Nickelodeon nation.”
The ads show “the connection between what’s in our shows and kids’ lives,” said executive vice president and general manager Cyma Zarghami. “Parents will say, ‘My kids love Nickelodeon, and now I know why.’ Kids will feel proud: They already feel an ownership of Nick and they will be happy to see it broadcast.”
The Nick Nation concept has a multicultural feel and seeks to promote Nick’s other properties, such as its movies and Web site.
Kidvertisers won the $30 million account in June following a review. Ads break today on prime-time and daytime shows in New York and Los Angeles and launch nationwide Nov. 1.
–Emily Fromm