A Tale Of Two Hoffmans

Even though she’s made a pair of cross-country moves–from San Francisco to Boston and back again in the past year–Sharon Krinsky never has a problem remembering her boss’s name: She’s always worked for Bob Hoffman.
Krinsky spent five years at Hoffman/Lewis in San Francisco, rising to senior vice president, co-creative director. Her boss was agency principal Bob Hoffman (shown here, top), or “Bob Hoffman West,” as he called himself last week.
Last June, when Krinsky took a job as creative director nearly 3,000-miles away at Gearon Hoffman in Boston, she found herself reporting to a new agency president, also named Bob Hoffman (shown here, bottom). “I’m the real Bob Hoffman,” he asserted.
Now, Krinsky has accepted an invitation to return to Hoffman/Lewis as executive vice president and creative director, with a minority stake in agency. “I’m in some kind of parallel universe,” Krinsky said.
–David Gianatasio