Takin’ It To The Streets

And now, a sneaker for people who don’t want to be like Mike.
With a core audience of young males age 12 and up who would rather play basketball than watch it on TV, And 1 this week breaks a $3-4 million campaign from Crispin Porter & Bogusky. The work is the Miami shop’s first since it won the account earlier this year.
Print ads use stop-motion photos of players such as the Phoenix Suns’ Rex Chapman and Raef Lafrentz of the Denver Nuggets making their signature moves toward the basket.
Underneath are icons that tell how each move affects the opposition. For Chapman, a soldier pulls the pin from a hand grenade, causing an explosion. There is no tagline.
“This campaign is about being able to take your game to street ball, not pro ball,” said agency art director Alex Burnard.
Philadelphia-based And 1 is hoping it will not be hurt by the National Basketball Association lockout because its shoes are not as closely allied with pro ballplayers as those of Nike, Reebok and Converse.
Print work will appear in publications such as Slam, Blaze and ESPN the Magazine.
–Jim Osterman