Take a Virtual Tour of the NFL’s Thoughtfully Designed Park Avenue Headquarters

In the run-up to Super Bowl XLIX, most of the National Football League's 400-person staff have left for Glendale, Ariz.—and the near-empty midtown New York office was ideal for a behind-the-scenes tour by Jaime Weston, the NFL's vp of marketing, who pointed out details that make the headquarters such a unique space. Each of the four floors was designed to tell a story that corresponds with commissioner Roger Goodell's guiding principles.

Explained Weston: "There is no one specific important room—the whole office space was designed to have our employees keep the 32 teams, the fans, the game and innovation in mind whenever they were making decisions or plans with the NFL."

Architects at Ted Moudis Associates and branding experts at Jack Morton worked with the league's in-house creative team to craft an environment that fosters brand unity. What resulted was a champion of a design.