Swimming To The Oyster Bar

Thanks to the current renovation project, entering Grand Central Terminal requires getting through an obstacle course of ladders, extension cords and machinery. All of which poses a problem for the Oyster Bar, the venerable seafood restaurant in the terminal.

The restaurant’s agency, McCaffery Ratner Gottlieb & Lane, New York, chose to turn a daunting situation to prospective diners into a promotional plus. ‘The reward is far greater than the inconvenience,’ said agency principal Jerry Gottlieb.

The restaurant’s new campaign, which breaks next week in The New York Times, New York and on several local radio stations, features the story of a group of Dutch fishermen who brave coastal waters to be the first to bring back the new baby herring.

The first boat to dock sends its fish to the Queen of Holland. The second boat’s haul is earmarked for The Oyster Bar. The ad reads: ‘If the herring can get here, so can you.’ (shown here) The ads will run with the tagline: ‘One establishment has endured the Great Grand Central Renovation.’

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