Swardlick Updates the ‘Maine Attraction’

Swardlick Marketing Group has unveiled its latest campaign for the Maine Office of Tourism.

The print and broadcast work for the warm-weather season positions Maine as a touring destination instead of simply a state with great scenery, according to David Swardlick, president of the Portland, Maine agency.

“Maine has not been as well-known as a touring destination as much as it has been [seen as] a relaxing and beautiful area,” said Swardlick. “Our goal has been to attract new first-time visitors.”

The spots are aimed at the touring traveler, aged 35-64, who likes to “discover what’s unique about a place and who likes to travel from town to town,” said Swardlick.

A TV execution shows beaches and rivers, people antique shopping and enjoying a lobster dinner and white-river rafting. A voiceover says, “Some people say it’s the lighthouse-studded coast, the historic villages, or the locals you might meet. We just call it the ‘Maine attraction’ … Why not make it yours this summer?”

The campaign consists of a 30-second and a 60-second version of the spot, plus several print executions. Swardlick has been using the “Maine Attraction” tag for the past three years.

“Current ads seem to be generating a very good response,” said Dann Lewis, director of the Maine Office of Tourism. Broadcast is running on local cable stations and network affiliates in New York and Boston and nationally on Lifetime, the Travel Channel and Bravo. Print executions are in Coastal Living, Yankee Magazine, Travel Holiday, National Geographic Holiday and New England Travel.