Surreal TV for Lennox

DALLAS-With a touch of Salvador Dali surrealism, GSD&M is betting that viewers of its new television spots for Lennox International will understand that one’s castle may also be a nightmare without one of the Dallas company’s products.
Swimming penguins and rumbling camels inside an otherwise idyllic house are some of the unusual images the Austin, Texas, shop concocted for the first of two 30-second TV spots designed to give a markedly different look to the Lennox image. Also pictured in the commercials are billiard balls melting into liquid atop a pool table.
The weather extremes highlight how some air-conditioning and heating units work in only portions of a house. “Your home is your castle,” a female voiceover states, “a castle with cold spots direct from the South Pole,” as the viewer is swept from a pleasant den into a frigid dining room where penguins frolic on iceberg floes.
In the $5 million print and television campaign launching today, GSD&M is targeting home improvement buffs whose pride in house maintenance could provide a way of garnering top-of-line brand identity for the sometimes anonymous category.
“In our research, many people don’t even think about what brand they have,” said agency account director Nancy George. “What it taught us was that to make an impact on this target audience we needed to go out of the box creatively.”
The ads will air on ABC and on a spot buy basis on cable television. Supporting print will appear in Southern Accents, Good Housekeeping and other publications. ƒ