SuperBrands 96 Category Ranking: TELECOMMUNICATIONS

Category leader AT&T grew sales by $4.7 billion and second-place GTE by $200
million. MCI increased sales by $1.4 billion to tie Nynex in fifth place and close
in on Bell Atlantic.
Brand Co. Name, Location
Lead Agency, Location
Sales (billions)
Media Expenditures (millions)
1 AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph, Basking Ridge, NJ
FCB/Leber Katz, New York
Sales: $71.9
Media Exp.: $700.4
2 GTE GTE, Stamford, CT
DDB Needham, New York
Sales: $19.9
Media Exp.: $62.7
3 BellSouth BellSouth, Atlanta
Tucker Wayne/Luckie, Atlanta
Sales: $16.8
Media Exp.: $64.0
4 Bell Atlantic Bell Atlantic, Philadelphia
J. Walter Thompson, New York
Sales: $13.7
Media Exp.: $49.1
5 Nynex Nynex, New York
Ogilvy & Mather, New York
Sales: $13.3
Media Exp.: $69.4
5 MCI MCI Telecommunications, Washington, DC
Sales: $13.3
Media Exp.: $325.6
7 Sprint Sprint, Kansas City, MO
J. Walter Thompson – San Francisco
Sales: $12.6
Media Exp.: $188.9
8 Ameritech Ameritech, Chicago
Bayer Bess Vanderwarker – Chicago
Sales: $12.5
Media Exp.: $63.5
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9 Southwestern Bell Southwestern Bell, St. Louis
D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles – St. Louis
Sales: $11.6
Media Exp.: $15.2
10 US West US West Communications, New York
Grey Advertising – Los Angeles
Sales: $10.9
Media Exp.: $58.7
Sources: Annual reports (sales); Competitive Media Reporting (expenditures)
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