SuperBrands “96 Category Ranking: PETROLEUM/AUTO AFTERCARE

Oil Companies
Exxon fell $3.2 billion, while second-place Mobil increased the same despite cutting
media spending by more than $80 million. Texaco moved into third with Chevron’s $6
billion drop in sales.
Brand Co. Name, Location
Lead Agency, Location
Sales (billions)
Media Exp. (millions)
1 Exxon Exxon, Irving, TX
McCann-Ericson – Dallas
Sales: $113.9
Media Exp.: $15.0
2 Mobile Mobile Oil, Fairfax, VA
DDB Needham – New York
Sales: $67.3
Media Exp.: $39.0
3 Texaco Texaco, White Plains, NY
CME KHBB Advertising – New York
Sales: $37.7
Media Exp.: $32.7
4 Chevron Chevron, San Francisco
J. Walter Thompson/JWT West, San Francisco
Sales: $35.1
Media Exp.: $29.2
5 Amoco Amoco Oil, Chicago
Sosa Bromley, Aguilar & Associates – San Antonio, TX
Sales: $28.0
Media Exp.: $31.7
Sources: Annual reports (sales); Competitive Media Reporting (expenditures)
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