SuperBrands ’96 Category Ranking: Consumer Electronics

Factory sales experienced a sixth consecutive year of category growth, posting
a total near $56 billion. EIA Consumer Electronics Group’s consensus forecast
calls for further increases over the next three years.
Brand Co. Name, Location
Lead Agency, Location
Sales (billions)
Media Expenditures (millions)
1 Hitachi Hitachi LTD., Tokyo, Japan
Lord Dentsu & Partners – New York
Sales: $3.4
Media Exp.: $7.4
2 Sony Sony, Tokyo, Japan
Leo Burnett – Chicago
Sales: $2.9
Media Exp.: 34.0
3 Magnavox Philips Electronics N.V., Eindhoven, Netherlands
Backer Spielvogel Bates – New York
Sales: $2.9
Media Exp.: $23.7
4 Panasonic Matsushita Electrical Industrial, Osaka, Japan
Sales: N/A
Media Exp.: $35.6
5 RCA Thomson Consumer Electronics, Indianapolis, IN
Ammirati & Puris – New York
Sales: N/A
Media Exp.: $23.8
Source: Brandweek Research
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