SuperBrands ’96 Category Ranking: Beer, Wine, Liquor

The spirits market continued to decline with segment leader Bacardi’s volume staying
flat on a near-tripling in ad spending. Absolut, now in Seagram’s hands, continued
to gain while Smirnoff fell.
Brand Co. Name, Location
Lead Agency, Location
Total Depletions
Media Expenditures (millions)
Bacardi Bacardi-Martini USA, Miami, FL
Ammirati & Puris/Lintas – New York
Total Depletions: 6,250
Media Exp.: $14.3
2 Smimoff Vodka Heublein, Farmington, CT
Lowe & Partners, New York
Total Depletions: 5,700
Media Exp.: 9.8
3 Seagram’s Gin House of Seagram, New York
Ogilvy & Mather – New York
Total Depletions: 3,885
Media Exp.: $6.3
4 Popov Vodka Heublein, Farmington, CT
Total Depletions: 3,365
Media Exp.: N/A
5 Jim Bean Jim Beam Brands, Deerfield, IL
Falion McElligott – Minneapolis
Total Depletions: 3,275
Media Exp.: $1.2
6 Seagram 7 Crown House of Seagram, New York
Ogilvy & Mather – New York
Total Depletions: 3,195
Media Exp.: $0.4
7 JackDaniel’s Black Brown-Forman Beverage, Louisville, KY
Simmons, Durham & Associates, St. Louis
Total Depletions: 3,020
Media Exp.: $7.2
8 Canadian Mist Brown-Forman Beverage, Louisville, KY
Altschiller Reitzfeld – New York
Total Depletions: 3,000
Media Exp.: $.971
9 Absolut House of Seagram, New York
TBWA Advertising – New York
Total Depletions: 2,975
Media Exp.: $21.8
10 Jose Cuervo Heublein, Farmington, CT
Grybauskus Beatrice, New York
Total Depletions: 2,325
Media Exp.: $1.6
Source: Impact Study of Distilled Spirits 1995 (thousands of depletions);
Competitive Media Reporting (Expenditures)
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