Super Bowl Adds Up for Napster

SAN FRANCISCO Napster said it would air a Super Bowl ad touting the launch of its portable Napster to Go music service that competes against Apple’s iTunes.

The commercial is part of the six-month, $30 million “Do the math” campaign crafted by an in-house team, according to a representative for the Los Angeles-based client.

A 30-second spot scheduled to air during the third quarter of the game positions Napster as a much more cost-effective alternative to the Apple online music-file service.

The spot is designed to look like part of Sunday’s game, showing a raucous crowd, with some fans painted in letters that spell out the word “N-a-p-s-t-e-r.” The camera pans the stands until it spies the Napster “kitty” icon holding up a sign comparing the cost of 10,000 songs on iTunes ($10,000) versus Napster ($15).

“Do the math,” the sign reads. “How much will it cost to fill up your player?”

Subscription-based Napster to Go allows consumers to download up to one million songs to portable players for a flat fee of $15 a month. The service is positioned against iTunes, which charges an average of 99 cents per song.