Sunny D Juices Budget with $40M

Sunny D is looking to continue its positive momentum via a new $40 million marketing push kicking off this week. Its new ads tell consumers that when they open this refrigerated orange juice brand, they “Open a bottle of sunshine.”

The spots target moms with kids 8-12, with the message that Sunny D “brings out the best in kids.” The ads show kids shadows leaping, jumping and swinging.

The push comes as category leader Tropicana has radically changed its package (see page 30) and recently debuted its own new “Squeeze—it’s natural” campaign.

Sales of Sunny D’s refrigerated fruit drinks grew 3.2 percent last year. The brand is hoping to keep moving forward despite the increased competition. “We turned a corner and hope to keep it going,” said Jon Iafeliece, executive creative director at Sunny D’s ad agency, Carrafiello Diehl & Associates.

“They play in that commodity pricing area so they are going to take some business away from 100 percent juice companies like Tropicana and Minute Maid,” said Bill Sipper of Cascadia Consulting. “In looking at the latest economic indicators, it doesn’t surprise me that lower-priced products are doing well. People are looking to trade down, so a $40 million investment might make a lot of sense.”

The latest effort is line with the brand’s heritage, said Iafeliece. “It’s right for these times,” he said. “The brand has always had a sunny, happy, alive, exuberant personality. We let the exuberance be the benefit. Whenever you talk to kids about it, they are positive and moms feel the same way.”

The brand, whose previous tag was, “Bottling sunshine since 1964,” also has targeted African American, Hispanic and tween-focused campaigns.

Sunny Delight Beverages spent $31 million on U.S. media (excluding online) behind Sunny D for the first 10 months of 2008, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The year prior it spent $26 million.