SunAmerica Launches a Review

Financial services company SunAmerica has put its estimated $10-12 million account in play.
The Los Angeles-based company has hired consultancy Select Resources International, also in Los Angeles, to conduct the search. Requests for proposals went out last week to agencies around the country.
Incumbent Asher & Partners in Los Angeles will defend the business, said Bruce Dundore, agency partner and executive vice president, creative director. The shop has handled the business since the mid-1990s.
SunAmerica is being acquired by American International Group, a U.S.-based international insurance organization and underwriter of commercial and industrial insurance. The deal is set to be completed by early 1999, although SunAmerica will retain its name and identity.
The company “wants to make sure that all the [resources] that are going to go forth with them are up to [the challenge],” said Dundore. “It will be competitive, but we will do our best.”
SRI did not return calls at press time. The client could not be reached for comment.
Asher’s most recent TV work for the company broke in May 1997. It consisted of two 30-second TV spots that encouraged viewers not to leave the future to chance. The tagline was: “When it comes to retirement, you can depend on luck, or you can depend on us. SunAmerica.”
SunAmerica primarily sells long-term savings products and investments to the pre-retirement savings market.