Suiting Up For Advertising

Houston artists Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing embark on an unusual project this week that will transform them into walking billboards for a year.
Galbreth and Mass-ing–known as The Art Guys–will march in a two-person parade through the streets of Houston beginning July 25 in suits bearing ads from some 50 companies.
Galbreth said the project –meant as a commentary on the pervasiveness of advertising–has attracted sponsors from Texas and around the country. GSD&M of Austin, Texas, has purchased space on the suits, as have Budweiser, Timex, Taco Cabana and Texas Auto Supply, among others.
The Art Guys will don the suits at events including theater performances, TV talk shows, award ceremonies and sports competitions.
Space on the suits–crafted by fashion designer Todd Oldham–was sold for $2,000 to $7,000, said Galbreth, who added that the outfits will not be worn every day.
The project is being chronicled on Microsoft’s — Steve Krajewski