Such a Release

Shops don’t often send out treatises elaborating on staffing woes. It came as some surprise, then, when Shoptalk received a release purporting to be from a small Boston shop and with a headline suggesting, ominously, “Trinity Communications Announces Staff Reductions.”

It appeared to be the genuine article—written on company letterhead, with the correct name and contact info for Trinity president Dan Logan. And the basic message—that 11 of the company’s 70 associates had been laid off—turned out to be accurate.

But a few red flags here and there suggested it was a clever fake. One section in particular seemed suspect, placing the blame for the layoffs on the “serious financial difficulty the company is facing.” And then there were the closing lines, the stuff of flak nightmares: “The arbitrary nature of the terminations, together with the fact that the customary annual bonus was not given … has seriously worsened employee morale, which was already low. Further resignations are to be expected.”

Shoptalk sheepishly approached Logan, who confirmed the cuts and attributed them to the slump in the tech sector. No further layoffs are imminent, he added. He declined to hazard a guess, though, as to the identity of the anonymous tipster. JANIS CHRISTIE/PHOTO DISC