stuff ‘n’

stuff ‘n’ bread

Over the course of a month, 18 marketing students from Coppell High School in Coppell, Texas, conceived a new take on fast food.

The students first brainstormed product ideas on a long roll of paper they put up on a wall. They considered new burger concoctions such as five-meat and even goat patties before deciding that health food was the way to go. Ideas about drive-through smoothies and meals in a cup led to the notion of bread stuffed with healthy food. Stuff ‘n’ Bread was born.

The ad campaign needed to convey the idea that Stuff ‘n’ Bread is “healthy food on the go.” Images of hearty bread and fresh vegetables were composited. The students worked up layout after layout, paring down the idea as they went. The final concept came after the students took their ideas to The Richards Group. The lines “If you can think it, you can stuff it” and “Get it going on!” appear alongside the logo of Stuff ‘n’ Bread, a slice of bread in the shape of a big smile.

“It felt like our agency in the final hours before a major presentation,” says a Richards staffer who worked with the students as they put on finishing touches. “Logos, type and photos were zipping back and forth between computers.”

“They dazzled us with the way they captured the experience,” says Richards principal Dick Murray. “If these students end up in advertising, it is going to be exciting.”