Study: Superstitials Boost Traffic

Unicast, developers of the rich-media online ad format known as the Superstitial, today unveiled the results of an in-house case study for its recent campaign for, The Wall Street Journal’s online center for entrepreneurs.

Created by the interactive unit of Trahan Burden & Charles, a Baltimore-based agency, the online campaign featured the tagline “Mind Your Own Business” and aimed to increase awareness and generate traffic to the site.

According to Fred Jorgensen, interactive account supervisor at Trahan Burden & Charles, the cross-media campaign was designed to be consistent across offline and online media. In addition to the Superstitial units, TBC created print and banner ads.

While the Superstitial units represented less than one percent of overall media buying, the rich-media ads generated more than 33 percent of all visits to key pages within the site, compared to other online ad units. Overall, the Superstitial ad supplied nearly 11 percent of the total visits to, including those attributed to offline advertising referrals.

Launched in May, the Superstitial ad continues to receive a 9 percent clickthrough rate, Jorgensen said. Meanwhile, standard banner units received a 0.1 percent clickthrough rate.

Jorgensen said that the Superstitial campaign began as a trial, but the preliminary results have been so promising that TBC has decided to dedicate September’s entire online buy for to Superstitials.

“We’ve completely abandoned the banner, not forever, but for the time being we’re relying on Superstitials.”