Stuck in Park

If Mark Semonian had his way, a legal battle would be settled behind the wheel of a car. The founder and publisher of The Improper Bostonian wrote a letter to David Lipson, group publisher of Boston Magazine, suggesting the two settle a lawsuit “through the one and only sport that defines all true Bostonians: parallel parking.”
Semonian dreamed up the ploy after his publication was slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit six months ago. Boston Magazine wants to permanently halt its competitor’s annual “Boston’s Best” issue, claiming it infringes on its own long-running “Best of Boston” edition.
Semonian claims the charge is ridiculous and says he cannot fork over large amounts of cash to his lawyers. “They want to bleed us through a long and drawn-out lawsuit,” Semonian said.
Said Tim Montgomery, publisher of Boston Magazine, on the parallel parking contest: “It’s a cute idea, and no one has a better sense of humor than I do, but he’s attempting to trivialize a fairly serious matter to us.” The suit stands. –Sarah Jones