Stroh’s Schlitz Brand Targets Over-40 Crowd in National Push

DETROIT – While most beer marketers go after the entry-level drinker, Stroh Brewery Co. is content pitching its Schlitz brand to what can be considered the senior citizens of the beer-drinking population.
Once the best-selling brew in the U.S. but now only a minor player, Schlitz for the first time in years is being advertised nationally in an effort to pump up sales among its biggest market – the over-40 crowd.
‘We think the guy 40 years old and over has some recollection of Schlitz as a premium beer,’ said Ed Kopecky, Schlitz brand director. ‘It’s one of the strongest trademarks known.’
Stroh plans on being aggressive with the brand, which sells at a sub-premium value price. A national media plan that began last week leans heavily toward sports and includes sponsorship of Cable News Network’s All-Star baseball coverage and air time during CBS’s Major League Baseball broadcasts.
‘The leading brand in the (value) category is (Miller Brewing Co.’s) Milwaukee’s Best. The brand equity just doesn’t compare to Schlitz,’ Kopecky said.
Wyse Advertising, Cleveland, is handling the campaign, which revives the old tagline, ‘The beer that made Milwaukee famous.’
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