Stories you’ll find in this week’s print edition of Adweek East

Hits the Spot
GM Mediaworks gains control over $800 million in local buying from IPG sister LCI.

Cliff, Interrupted
Hot Shop Cliff Freeman at a Crossroads
For years, he vowed to stay independent. Now, Cliff Freeman admits that “this whole thing [selling] is on my radar screen.” But timing and dwindling agency fortunes may have narrowed his window of opportunity … at least for now. A look at the state of the agency.

Hyundai Launches Another Review
Four firms are competing in a Hyundai/ Kia review to find an auditor for the carmakers’ media business. The winner will oversee Carat’s handling of the
$400 million account, monitoring its pricing guarantee, audience delivery and expenses.

You Get What You Pay For
Up for debate in D.C.: Why has the ONDCP’s anti-drug campaign been so ineffective, and how to fix it? Drug czar John Walters tells Adweek the problem is largely that the work is done pro bono, while the Partnership for a Drug-Free America points to the cumbersome review process.

Down and Out in New York
When MARC USA bought Ryan Drossman in 1999, the Manhattan shop was flush with dot-com dreams. But as recession hit, MARC New York was slow to cut costs and diversify, and the Pittsburgh-based parent has shuttered the office.

Adweek Q&A
Jean-Marie Dru, CEO of TBWA Worldwide, talks to senior reporter Andrew McMains about the network’s strengths and weaknesses, the misperceptions and the biggest mistake of his career.

Teen Spirit
For a peek into the minds of teen consumers-and hoping to discover some budding Lee Clows-Adweek handed four high school teams a marketing challenge: invent a product and its pitch. Also: Can Molson get you more women? Vincent Cop-pola reports on Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s new campaign. Plus, Critique and Briefs.