stop the press

To underscore its breadth and sometimes irreverent tone, The Economist is employing images of Salman Rushdie, Rupert Murdoch and the pope in a new campaign from Weiss Stagliano Partners.
As in the past, the ads feature black-and-white photos from the weekly. But figures such as Murdoch have been added. The tagline has changed, too–from “Subscribe to a global point of view” to “The only thing dry is the ink.”
The pope ad shows His Holiness with a hockey stick in hand. “Global opinion, peppered with the occasional cross-check,” reads the copy. The Rushdie ad (shown here) features copy that boasts, “The pen. The sword. And everything in between.”
The idea is to dispel the myth that only stuffy academics read the book, said Adam Stagliano, president of the New York shop.
CIA VSM Media placed the ads in the $1-2 million effort.
–Andrew McMains