Steamy Scene In Times Square

ordan McGrath Case & Partners takes a dig at the gentrification of New York’s Times Square in a new ad for Novartis’ TheraFlu cold remedy.
A billboard (shown here) was erected in front of the New Amsterdam Theater, home of the musical The Lion King and an icon of the “Disneyfication” of what was once considered New York’s red-light district. The sign shows a mug of the medicinal beverage next to the headline, “The only hot, steamy thing still allowed on this block.”
Novartis had already purchased the space to debut cherry-flavored TheraFlu in New York.
“We started thinking about the product and its key attributes,” said art director Tom Sganga. “Theraflu offers hot, steamy relief–something people used to look for in Times Square.”
Although the billboard is not part of the ongoing Theraflu campaign, related bus ads will appear in the city. –Emily Fromm