State Of Oregon Seeks Agency To Lead Fight Against Smoking

The state of Oregon’s Health Division is looking for an ad agency to handle its first tobacco prevention and education campaign.
The state agency issued a request for proposals last month for the $4 million advertising and public relations account. Agencies with experience in awareness and education campaigns were asked to submit credentials. Approximately half a dozen undisclosed Oregon shops responded, sources said.
The selected agency will be responsible for developing a comprehensive, statewide public awareness and education campaign about tobacco prevention, the dangers of tobacco use and secondhand smoke and the benefits of quitting smoking.
Both paid and public service advertising will include TV, radio, outdoor and print executions. Most of the creative materials will come from the Media Campaign Resource Center for Tobacco Control in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office on Smoking and Health in Atlanta. The selected agency may be asked to develop original creative work as well. “It’s mostly a media account,” said one source.
Finalists will be selected soon and asked to make presentations at the state health offices in Portland, Ore., on Oct. 31. A winner will be chosen Nov. 7.
The 19-month contract runs from Dec. 1 through June 30, 1999, and is renewable for up to two years.
A tobacco tax increase approved by Oregon voters last year will be used in part to help fund the awareness campaign.