State Of The Net

The price of tech stocks may be ever-changing, but top Net properties go on forever. AOL Time Warner, Microsoft sites and Yahoo!, as usual, led all comers with the highest number of unique visitors for March 2001, according to Jupiter Media Metrix, New York. There were some newcomers to the list, among them:, a discount retail site, in 32nd place with 8.4 million unique visitors and, a real-time auction site, in the 39 slot with 7.5 million visitors. The top 3 in the top 10 newcomers list (sites with at least 50,000 unique visitors) included the Book of the Month Club’s Web site, a site named the (you figure it out) and, a site wholly devoted to the Russian spaceship.


Web users spent an average of 14.2 days a month online in March ’99; that figure rose to 15 days a month in March 2001. Users spent an average of close to 13 hours a month online in March ’99 and a little over 20.2 hours a month in March 2001.

Owing to the start of the baseball season as well as the March Madness basketball playoffs, traffic to sports sites — including and — increased from 22.4 million unique visitors in February to 24 million in March.

Unique visitors to the music site actually increased by a little over 2 million from February to March 2001, but usage of the application decreased from 15.2 million to a little over 12 million. Analysts believe the upswing in visitors could have come from a pop-up window at the site which enables users to get onto a Napster mailing list.

Source: Jupiter Media Metrix. U.S. combined at home and at work usage