Stars Shine for Macy’s

NEW YORK Macy’s new celebrity-filled commercial, which made its debut on the Emmys last night, features some amusing performances from the famous faces who sell their branded lines at the national retailer. It’s less than an hour until the store opens and the brand stewards take their places and give their sections last-minute finishing touches. Emeril Lagasse is seen furiously chopping, vegetable bits flying around him; Martha Stewart fusses with the towels; Usher sprays an employee with his perfume (“Your body heat will diffuse it naturally,” he says as he flashes her a flirty smile); and Sean Jean runs through a rehearsal with the sales team, telling them his brand is about strength and detail. The spot does what it aims to do—tell consumers of the retailer’s wide brand offerings—and does it with the self-deprecating humor not seen often enough in celebrity spots. Some of it works (Donald Trump primping his famous ‘do in front of a mirror) and others less so (Jessica Simpson struggling to get in through the door while armed with piles of boxes from her line). She calls Kenneth Cole to ask how to get in; he explains which way to turn the doorknob. The spot ends with a voiceover that says, “Only one star can bring all these stars together. That’s the magic of Macy’s.” JWT fashions Macy’s creative.