One of the perks of the ad business is the occasional chance to work with former or current stars.
The Hughes Group in St. Louis recently had a brush with greatness when it filmed TV spots for Armstrong Air, a heating and cooling systems division of Lennox International.
As part of their research, Hughes staffers explored how animals remain warm or cool. Penguins, it turns out, huddle close together for warmth.
Casting in Los Angeles turned up three penguins who had appeared in a Batman movie. The quasi-celebrity birds took direction fairly well, huddling before a house’s front door on a cold day. Asked in, they make themselves at home and are offered sardines by the owner, whose domicile is heated by an Armstrong furnace.
Hughes president Jim Schnurbusch revealed the penguins could not answer his staff’s No. 1 question: “What’s Danny DeVito really like?” –Trevor Jensen