A Star is born

New York may have Broadway, but when it comes to the number of theater seats, Branson, Mo.–billing itself as the live entertainment capital of America–claims to have the edge.
Each season, 6 million pleasure seekers trek to the Ozarks to visit one of Branson’s numerous theaters, according to the publishers of a digest-sized show guide called Branson StarBill, which will launch in May. StarBill is the brainchild of Newton, Mass.-based businessman David Zussman and Branson-based marketing and sales rep Susanne Rodgers. Horvitz Communications, also in Newton, is handling public relations for the publisher and will assist in creating editorial content for the guide.
Branson isn’t Broadway, but advertisers looking to reach fans of Branson regulars the Osmonds or Mel Tillis may want to check it out.
Published three times a year, StarBill will be distributed in 10 theaters and at 15 shows reaching an initial audience of 1.2 million.
–Judy Warne