Stanley Builds For The Future

Mullen Ads Challenge Pros to ‘Make Something Great’
BOSTON–The future is coming, and somebody’s going to have to build it. So said Mullen chief creative officer Paul Silverman of the shop’s first campaign for The Stanley Works, which broke yesterday.
The $10 million branding effort seeks to reposition the company and its more than 50,000 products with the tagline, “Make something great.”
The work represents the “professionalizing of Stanley,” Silverman said. “The company has expanded and makes tools that help automotive companies and aircraft companies. . . . We needed to get people to realize it’s a massive brand.” The campaign includes broadcast, print and interactive ads as well as a public relations initiative.
In one 30-second spot, titled “Earth II,” weightless builders and their tools float inside a construction site while they discuss various job challenges. The camera then pulls away to reveal that the construction site is actually a new Earth. A male voiceover says, “Whatever it is, wherever it is,” before the new tagline closes out the commercial. Copywriter Jim Elliott said the ad’s “advanced, futuristic types of projects” will appeal to the “skills, vision and creativity” of professional builders.
Spots broke yesterday on NFL broadcasts and are scheduled to air on NBA, NHL and Nascar programs.
Print ads–three branding and three product-specific executions–will appear in the October editions of Field & Stream, Motor Trend, Popular Mechanics, Builder and Professional Remodeler.
Stanley’s trademark, bright-yellow color appears on the right half of all print ads, separated from the left half with vertical ruler markings listing the New Britain, Conn.-based company’s various products.