Friends of Animals has launched three print ads this month in its ActionLine magazine.

The pro bono effort, conceived by Atlantacreative Ted Nelson, will break this Septemberin National Healthmagazine and college newspapers. Outdoor executions will appear along New England’s traffic corridorsin mid-fall.

Spoofing fast-food promotions, the campaign, tagged “Spare an animal. Eat a vegetable,” reminds consumers that animals suffer inhumane lives and brutal deaths in order to appease America’s appetite for drive-through dining.

Ads target pizza, beef and chicken menus. “Dead Animal Combo Meal: $9.99 Pizza Topped With Any Two Animals’ Remains” and “Try Our Tasty 99¢ Tortured Chicken Nuggets” are twoof the headlines.

“We’ve come to accept, rather than question, health implications or moral issues raised by the common practice offactory farming today,” said Sandy Lewis, director of Friendsof Animals.

The nonprofit organization is basedin Darien, Conn.