It’s up to you to help thwart terrorist acts, charge new ads from Korey Kay & Partners. The work, created recently in response to Sept. 11, features the tagline, “If you see some thing, say something.”

The five ads contain no graphics—just text. One execution bears the copy, “More catastrophic bombings and biological warfare are imminent terrorist threats. Not just for the United States, but the entire world. Let’s have no more surprises.”

Another ad reads, “There are thousands of terrorists in this country. You can start to stop them. If you notice anything suspicious, report it. Immediately.”

“We felt the public had to be sensitive to keeping their eyes open and getting their fingers working and their mouths moving,” said chairman Allen Kay, of the New York agency’s efforts to prevent terrorism.

The shop also devised a suggested FBI hotline number—the easy-to-re member (800) FBI-TIPS—which is cited in the ads.

Korey Kay shopped the series around to the U.S. Departments of Justice and State, as well as the Office of Homeland Security, but none expressed interest in using the work, said Kay. It will therefore remain a creative exercise.