Soul food

Hungry? Follis Advertising is offering you a different type of menu.

A new ad for Marble Collegiate Church on New York’s Fifth Avenue serves up a list of all the church’s events and services—from bible study to volunteer ministries.

The ad, which will break Oct. 1 on New York subways, carries the headline, “If you want to feed your soul, we’ve got a great menu.”

John Follis, president of the New York agency, said the ad was created so people could understand the diverse programs and services Marble has to offer.

“People just think church means Sunday-morning sermons,” he said. “I realized I had to change people’s perceptions of what church means.”

A few of the events and groups detailed in the poster include a coffee hour following worship, the Marble music program and GIFTS, a lesbian and gay group.

The ad retains the tagline, “Marble Collegiate Church: where good things happen.” Follis Advertising has handled the church’s account since 1998.