Sonoco’s Choice: Price/McNabb

Official Word on Winner to Come This Week
ATLANTA–According to two of the three finalists competing in Sonoco Corp.’s first agency search, Price/McNabb of Charlotte, N.C., will be named the winner this week.
Frank Compton, chief executive officer of Atlanta’s Sawyer Riley Compton, and Mike Zeller, account director at Jackson-Dawson in Greenville, S.C., both said last week they had been informed by Sonoco that Price/McNabb won the business.
Client director of corporate communications Dick Puffer confirmed that a decision had been made, but referred other inquiries to Alan Cecil, Sonoco’s vice president of investor relations and corporate affairs. Cecil would not confirm Price/McNabb as Sunoco’s choice, saying an announcement on the account, with $1.5 million in projected billings, would be made this week.
Tom Eppes, president of Price/McNabb, would not comment, but telephone calls to his office indicated that he spent last Wednesday in Hartsville, S.C., where Sonoco is headquartered. A call to Sonoco on the same day revealed Cecil “had a visitor from Charlotte.”
Sonoco employs Lux & Associates, a one-woman shop in Columbia, S.C., for copywriting and outsources other responsibilities. Sonoco will continue with Lux.
The company, which has also used independent consultant George Cohan of Henderson, Nev., for business-to-business advertising, asked for Cohan’s input during the process before making a final decision.
Sonoco, a manufacturer of packaging materials for industrial and consumer applications, had 1997 sales of $2.8 billion.