Something’s Fishy Here

Having featured Twinkie-loving bears and raccoons and a cupcake-crazed shark in previous Hostess ads, Minneapolis agency Campbell Mithun Esty returns to the animal kingdom in a new TV spot for the client’s doughnuts.
The ad, breaking today, shows a sleepy dad wandering through his kitchen and discovering the Hostess doughnut box empty. After his wife, son and daughter all declare, “Don’t look at me,” the man notices a trail of water leading from the box to the fish tank in the living room.
The family’s goldfish looks suspicious, with chocolate smeared around its mouth, but it, too, declares, “Don’t look at me.”
A voiceover delivers the tagline: “Hostess. Now that’s the stuff.”
Hostess is owned by Interstate Bakeries Corp. of Kansas City, Mo. –Aaron Barr