Some ‘Excellent’ News on Health

Amid Americans’ worries about healthcare, one saving grace is that most people believe they’re in good (or even better-than-good) health. Fresh evidence of this comes in a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on household interviews covering the first half of 2008. When people were asked to assess their own health, 36 percent rated it “excellent,” 30 percent “very good” and 24 percent “good.” Just one in 10 termed it merely “fair” (8 percent) or “poor” (2 percent).

Despite their shorter average life span, men were a bit more likely than women to feel they’re in excellent health (37 percent vs. 34 percent). An age-adjusted breakdown of the findings by race and ethnicity found 70 percent of non-Hispanic white respondents rating their health as very good or excellent, vs. 58 percent of Hispanic and 56 percent of non-Hispanic black respondents.