So, Be Bored in the Poorhouse

A pity it’s not a thrill to consider retirement finances. An Ipsos Public Affairs poll for ING probed Americans’ dilatory performance at preparing for retirement. One problem: 39 percent said “it is boring” to think about how much money they’ll need for retirement.

It seems not to have dawned on such people that retirement will constitute a big chunk of their lifespan. When asked to identify factors they should take into account when figuring how much money they’ll need, just 7 percent of all respondents cited life expectancy. Even fewer cited healthcare costs (5 percent), though that topic always looms large in consumers’ pre-retirement worries.

The poll also asked people whether some potential sources of retirement-planning information and advice would be helpful to them. Eighty percent said financial advisors would be, and 73 percent said the same of accountants. Sixty-eight said friends/family would be helpful, topping the number who said an online financial calculator would be (63 percent).