SNET Book Ads Debut

Publicis/Bloom this week airs five humorous new TV spots touting the versatility of Southern New England Telecommunications’ Yellow Pages. The work is the first advertising for the phone directory in three years.
Each 30-second spot is a vignette filmed from a ground-level view. In one, a pet dog buries a doll in a garden. An on-screen listing for a toy store appears. The dog then buries a camera, and a listing for a photo shop is shown. After the dog buries a gold watch, a number for a taxidermist is presented as a possible solution.
Another depicts a skunk entering the home of an elderly lady and cuts to a coupon for pest control. The skunk is then heard spraying, and a coupon for cleaning services appears. When the woman says, “Kitty there you are!” a coupon for a free eye exam appears. The New Haven, Conn., client’s longtime tagline, “We go beyond the call,” appears in the spot, but the ad concludes with a voiceover: “It’s more than you think, so think of it more.”
One spot will run during the final Seinfeld episode. The $5 million campaign also includes print work, which breaks in May. Agency chief executive Bob Kantor said the campaign comes after SNET took a second look at its Yellow Pages and saw an area where ad revenue could be increased.
Publicis won the $20-30 million account in May 1997. Media Inc., New York, is the media buyer. The last Yellow Pages spot, in 1995, focused on its telephone help line. Created by North Castle Partners, Stamford, Conn., the tagline was: “The book and beyond.”