smoking finale

School’s out at All-Smoke High, the fictional home of the “Fighting Butts” that has been the focal point of Illinois’ efforts to combat teen smoking.

Hadrian’s Wall, which created the campaign with input from state high schoolers, has produced a 30-minute documentary-style program about the series.

The show, which will air through this month in downstate markets, is an attempt “to give the final episode of this soap opera an event feel,” said Kevin Lynch, a partner at the Chicago shop. “The spots have stood on their own for the last year and a half. This gave us an opportunity to show some of the thinking behind the campaign.”

Because All Smoke High requires everyone to smoke, a prom date suffers a lung-cancer relapse at the dance and the principal speaks through an amplifier he holds to his smoke-ravaged throat.

Funding for the effort, which came through the Illinois Department of Public Health, has been terminated amid a state budget crunch.

The denouement will air in prime time in place of teen fodder such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It shows students who worked on the series talking about contributions to the 12 spots.

The final ad, which is part of the show, has the students rising up against school authorities, realizing what smoking has done to them.