Small Frisco i-Shop Folds

Seven Ten Split, a San Francisco-based interactive agency whose clients included Evite, has closed its doors, the company said Monday.

“A lot of our clients were smaller companies, and when they either went under or cut their marketing activities to zero, that pulled the rug out from under us,” said cofounder Dylan DiBona.

Founded a year ago, Seven Ten emphasized a total approach to campaigns using traditional and interactive media.

The company began winding down in January but retained a few of its 13 employees in case business improved. “But the leads we had weren’t panning out in a way that would allow us to do the work we wanted to do. So we decided to wrap it up and get out of it clean,” said DiBona.

He expects spending to return this year but not until the marketplace stabilizes. Meanwhile, he’s looking for a job and looking forward “to working in the space where it all comes together.”