Slingshot Garners Beverages’ I-Business

DALLAS Dr Pepper/Seven Up has consolidated its interactive business with Slingshot, the agency said.

The Dallas shop won the business—which becomes one of its largest accounts—in a review that ultimately included SBI & Company of Portland, Ore., and IMC2 of Dallas, the client said. The Plano, Texas-based company had previously worked with those two shops and a handful of others on interactive projects, according to client director of brand marketing Andrew Springate.

He said the company decided to consolidate to make its integrated strategy more cohesive and to realize “opportunities in efficiencies.”

Springate said Slingshot, which the client had not worked with before, was the best choice for the business because it is a “great one-stop shop” that has a good understanding of consumer marketing, a history of innovation, past beverage experience and a strong team “who would match well with what we are trying to do.”

Among Slingshot’s duties: online media buying and planning, Web site redesigns, creation of interactive games and marketing program analytics.

Slingshot will also create a single consumer database of customer information, which the shop will use to target promotions, for example. The client’s databases had previously been separated across the brands; bringing all the information into one area will help “drive volume and impact consumption and preference across the brand family,” shop vp of client services Joel Dollar said. “Just because you drink 7 Up doesn’t mean you don’t drink Dr Pepper. A viral interactive game for 7 Up could also be used for Dr Pepper.”

The client, a division of Cadbury Schweppes of London, also distributes brands like A&W Root Beer, Canada Dry and Hawaiian Punch.

Billings are undisclosed, but Springate said, “Generally we are spending more than we were in the past.” The company spent $131 million on media last year, according to CMR. Young & Rubicam, New York, is the company’s primary general-market agency.