Sive/Y&R Animates Ads for Farley’s Fruit Snacks

Spots Attempt to Tie Up All Candy Tie-Ins With Nickelodeon Shows
CHICAGO–Sive/Young & Rubicam has created a slurping, smiling animated character as part of an effort to unify its branding behind all lines of Farley’s fruit snacks.
In TV spots airing this month and next on Nickelodeon, the character, which is a sort of enlarged face, appears at the end to take a bite out of the tag, “Farley’s: A face full of fun.”
The character’s contented slurp punctuates the 15- and 30-second spots, which show children dancing around asking for more out of their fruit snacks. One girl negotiates with the commercial’s announcer to get more shapes and a snack that stretches.
“This little character is just a fun, energetic guy. He just loves to eat,” said John Nagy, creative director at the Cincinnati shop.
The spot uses clips from the network’s programs to focus on snacks shaped for Nickelodeon characters.
“We wanted to leverage the excitement of what Nickelodeon has to offer and all the fun and excitement of fruit snacks,” said Tim O’Connor, business unit manager for Farley’s, a division of Favorite Brands in Lincolnshire, Ill.
Using the animated character is a way to tie together advertising behind the company’s entire fruit snack line, which includes Blue’s Clues and Rugrats, O’Connor said.
The character is meant to be colorful, fun, upbeat and a little irreverent. “It’s designed to appeal to a broad cross-section of kids,” O’Connor said.
Media spending for Farley’s fruit snacks was under $1 million in 1998, according to Competitive Media Reporting. –Jenn Goddu