Is Sin Really All Bad?

He’s smooth, sexy, debonair and more than a little naughty. He may not be the devil himself, but he might as well be.
Meet Mr. Onaclov, the new spokesperson for The Volcano, a cigar lighter from Volcanic Trading Co.
In the first print work created by Martin Creative LA, the Los Angeles division of The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., Onaclov (shown here) introduces himself as “the inventor of bloody steaks, hundred-dollar tips and gullible babysitters,” while promoting several of the seven deadly sins in addition to smoking cigars.
“In my business, you see, temptation is a most effective tool for recruiting,” explains Onaclov in one ad. He goes on to describe The Volcano as “equalled only by a blazing roll of hundred-dollar bills.”
“Our spokesperson represents the dark, indulgent side in all of us. Red leather corsets, albino rhinoceros boots, double-jointed dominatrices. And, of course, cigar lighters,” explained account copywriter Sally Hogshead.
Three ads break this month in cigar enthusiast magazines. –Teresa Buyikian