Sims 2 characters take center stage in new ads

Sims 2 characters take center stage in new ads for the Electronic Arts title by Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore. About 15 spots, all created by actual game players using the Sims 2 game, with the help of Wieden creatives and edit house Teak Motion Visuals, depict stories about Sims characters. One shows a surfer dude discussing his love of the sport, and another shows a lothario scoring with lots of women—then opening his door to an army of squalling youngsters. The tagline is, “How do you play?” At the end of each spot, a picture of a game player who created the ad appears. “We wanted to show people that there are a million different ways to play the game,” said art director Mike McCommon. “And there are completely new creative heights you can take it to.” An accompanying documentary by Wieden, depicting gamers’ real lives and their parallel Sims lives, debuts on MTV in November.