SImply, REd 98

Officials at digital communications company Blue 22 didn’t see red when they discovered that a shop in Los Angeles, blue22 studios, shared their moniker.

“We didn’t see any reason to fight about it—so we decided to make the change,” said Robert Guay, president of the Boston-based interactive shop, which has relaunched as Red 98.

“With a billion companies popping up every four minutes, there is a real good chance that a couple of them will land on the same name,” said Guay.

Like the agency’s original name, Red 98 refers to a play in football. “It’s a term a quarterback might call out,” said Guay. The new name is intended to reflect the fast-paced, constantly changing Internet business that demands strategic acumen, consistent execution and good instincts.

Of course, Red (sans “98”) is the name of the bicoastal creative shop formerly known as Heater Advertising. Red 98 managers aren’t overly concerned about possible confusion because the two companies have substantially different business models.