‘Silhouette’ Is Grand at Kelly Awards

NEW YORK The Magazine Publishers of America awarded TBWA\Chiat\Day the $100,000 Grand Prize Kelly Award for its Apple iPod “Silhouette” campaign that shows people dancing with iPods against brightly colored backgrounds.

“It demonstrated to people that you don’t have to spend a lot of time talking about features to get people to make a human connection with your product,” said Mike Hughes, president of The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., and a Kelly judge. “Also, one of the core values for Apple is design. To reinforce that without ever talking about it, just by art direction, is an incredibly smart and effective device.”

Fallon in Minneapolis won the gold Kelly Award for its “Citi Identity Theft” print campaign. The series presents pictures of innocent-looking people, superimposed with copy, making unlikely statements about their credit history. A blond clean-cut woman, for example, is accompanied by text stating she is wanted in three states.

The silver Kelly Award went to DDB Dallas for a campaign that alters the words on McIllhenny Co.’s Tabasco sauce label. “Potent enough to ward off both hypothermia and vampires at once,” reads one ad.

Prizes were awarded during a luncheon at the Association of National Advertisers Print Advertising Forum at the Plaza in New York. The Kelly Awards are given to magazine campaigns that demonstrate creativity and effectiveness.