Silence the Violence Is the Plea From Texas Shops BRSG, Cinco Create TV Spots for National Domestic Abuse Hotline

New television spots for the Texas Council on Family Violence encourage victims of abuse to “break the silence” and “make the call” to a national hotline that operates from the Lone Star state.

The six executions —three in English and three nearly identical versions in Spanish— break Oct. 6 as PSAs in Texas markets. The work will begin airing as paid ads in January.

The Austin, Texas, office of Houston-based BRSG created the series with Cinco Communications of Dallas.

In one chilling commercial, the camera focuses on a door being kicked in by a screaming man. The voiceover says, “Your heart’s been broken, your spirit’s been broken, your partner’s broken all his promises to stop hurting you. Before he breaks anything else, break the silence, make the call.”

“Our research showed it takes seven or eight incidences before a victim will be motivated enough to make a call,” said BRSG creative director Kerry Hilton. “These spots aren’t just about awareness, but they’re also a call to action.”

The latter was the challenge. “We needed to create powerful creative that will be so memorable the abused person will remember the commercial and this phone number,” Hilton said.

Campaign spending will be about $2 million, Hilton said.

BRSG, Cinco and partners Saurage Re-search of Houston and Vollmer Public Relations and The Davis Group, both in Austin, won the assignment following a review earlier this year.

The effort marks the Austin-based nonprofit’s largest public awareness push for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.