Sign Language: Digital Promos Catch On

LOS ANGELES Digital signage has begun to catch on with consumers, who find the messages more compelling—and generally less annoying—than many other forms of paid media, according to a study conducted on behalf of SeeSaw Networks.

The OTX-conducted report (“Engaging People with Digital Out-of-Home Media”) gauged awareness and attitudes regarding out-of-home advertising though a survey of 1,780 adults in July, per Alice Gold, OTX’s vp, marketing insight.

Respondents considered Internet promos the most annoying type of ad messages (67 percent) and newspaper ads the least annoying (23 percent). Digital signage scored 26 percent.

Digital signage (53 percent) also topped all media including television (51 percent) in terms of sparking overall consumer interest, the survey said.

Sixty-three percent of those surveyed said digital signage “catches attention,” ranking it above traditional billboards (58 percent), magazines (57 percent) and all other media.

Gold said the results are particularly important as out-of-home networks such as San Francisco-based SeeSaw deal with scalability issues such as reach and effect. According to Gold, 36 percent of the general adult sample and 51 percent of the 18-to-24- year old sample took action (such as finding more information about products) as a result of seeing digital signs.

SeeSaw claims it delivers 30 million weekly gross impressions and projects that figure will rise to 50 million by year’s end.