Sierra Mist Natural “Boulder”

It’s fitting that Goodby, Silverstein & Partners decided to pitch the reformulated, renamed Sierra Mist Natural with talking trees and rocks. The drink is so natural even nature wants a taste. Still, most sequoias don’t stroll into the neighborhood deli to buy a soda. And the boulders here recognize their inability to refresh themselves with the new lemon-lime formula. “Lemony, lemony,” one rock mutters in between snores. A comical husband-and-wife exchange ensues when rock No. 1 explains that he’s having the same recurring dream. “The one where you are naked in public?” asks Mrs. Rock. “No, the one where I have a mouth,” he barks back. In a second commercial, trees plot against hikers to get to the drink. Where’s the double rainbow?  –Eleftheria Parpis