Mullen’s latest television spots for T.J. Maxx play off women’s love of the game, i.e., the sportof shopping.

According to Beth Kosuk, group creative director at the Winston-Salem, N.C., agency, Mullen features “game action” over fashions in the spots, which were directed by Don Rase of Backyard Productions in Venice, Calif.

In “Drop Off,” the competitiveness of bargain hunting is subtle. A mother drops off her little girl at a friend’s home. “Where’s your mother going?” asks the sitter. The child does not need to answer. “Girls,” says the knowing mom to herco-shoppers, “get inthe car.”

Shopping at the discount retailer is one big treasure hunt, Kosuk said.

“The second mom just smells the action,” she said.

Gamesmanship goes to the office in “Co-workers,” where two seemingly pleasant women wage a war of one-downsmanship, alternately announcing sales deals found at the retailer’s stores.