Shop Talk: Go Figure

$10,000 Amount of the fine a Russian ad agency must pay for showing a clip from The Big Lebowski on a giant screen in Moscow last summer. The Russian government ruled last week that the clip, showing a man smashing a car with a baseball bat, riled up soccer fans in a square in central Moscow who were already seething after watching Russia lose to Japan in the World Cup. The hooligans fought, burned cars and smashed shop windows after the clip was shown.

$1.99 Cost to parents of getting Barbie to call their child on the phone. As part of the new Barbie Call Time program, Barbie is now able to call kids and deliver one of six prerecorded messages (among them “Happy Birthday,” “Bedtime” and “You Can Do It!”). Personalized calls are 50 cents more.

300 Number of elephants that played soccer and danced to music as part of a recent festival in India designed to improve the image of the animals. Attacks on elephants have become common as the animals’ habitat has shrunk and they have wandered into villagers’ crops and property.

Sources: Reuters, Ananova